Special Report

Restoring Life Saving Morality to Education

November 2018

Taxpayer Citizens, Legislators and Regents

(Documentation by the Iowa-based Heartland Foundation, Inc., chartered in 1981)

Several states have passed laws requiring public schools to conspicuously display “In God We Trust, ” the official motto of the United States of America. Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill requiring public schools to post “In God We Trust ” March 21, 2018.

Along With Documentation Are Recommendations
for Controlling What is Being Taught to Immature Youth

Public Concerns

Public education is funded by the people to serve the public interest. Parents, education taxpayers, legislators and regents do not approve of teachers who promote deviant moral behavior.

This is a follow-up of the Grand Jury’s Presentment, Problems in Higher Education, published January 1969. The jury members unanimously charged that university students were being pelted by “moral pollution.” For a brief of the Grand Jury report, see the home page at http://www.lastingsuccessedu.org. Media interest was nationwide. Paul Harvey dedicated his nationwide radio broadcast to the Presentment.

The difference today is that a few tenured humanist professors in the soft sciences of the three state universities in Iowa have stopped bringing in rebels to broadcast their hatred for American values. Now they themselves have been skillfully defiling the minds of their unsuspecting youthful captive classroom students.

Atheistic Evolution Humanism or “In God We Trust” for Truth?
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There are hundreds of scientific prescriptions—some righteous and some enemies of the Bible, the Christian church and family. Science is a code word used by atheistic humanists for the theory of evolution which has absolutely no education, biological or theological bearing on the miracle of life. This is their substitute for Creation based science and supposition for an atheist humanist education monopoly.

Nothing is more known as the enemy of man, foe of civilization and man’s marvelous capacity for reasoning than the opponents of traditional God-honoring education.

Reported in the Ames (Iowa) Tribune Opinion section, page A6, January 24, 2018: “VALUE JUDGMENTS AND THEOLOGICAL OPINIONS” [of three university professors who are state employees on the following campuses in the state of Iowa]—

Hector Avalos, professor of religious studies, Iowa State University
Kenneth Atkinson, professor of history, University of Northern Iowa
Robert R. Cargill, assistant professor of classics and religious studies,
University of Iowa

“Why we [the professors] do not support the religious scripture bill”— (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act)

Part of the professors’ three-column Opinion article in the Ames Tribune:
1. “As professors of biblical studies at regents’ universities in Iowa, we have experience teaching courses on the Bible.” [opinion of Ames, Iowa citizen David A. Norris, president of the Heartland Foundation, Inc. and described by book publishers as a self-taught historian: yes, humanistic professors teach students that “In God We Trust” and Creation science are not relevant. The radical professors in the humanities’ soft sciences, which are subject to manipulation, are imposing their strongly held religious beliefs that the evolutionary theory is the origin of life. Although not atheistic, even branches of the Church of England in the colonies tried to enforce a state religion education monopoly. The people in the United States and their Constitutional delegates rejected it. When some American radicals immigrated to Russia, the motherland of the Marxist Communist movement, they were required to undergo a “two-year study” of Darwin’s monopoly version of evolution (Institute for Creation Research).]

2. Second paragraph from the professors: “It is a bill sponsored by, among other legislators, Skyler Wheeler, who has been a strong proponent of allowing public schools to teach alternatives to evolution.” [Norris opinion: Representative Wheeler is doing the RIGHT THING. Tyranny quite naturally follows when the selection of college professors to be tenured in the soft sciences is policed by Creator-rejecting radicals. Evolution between different biological kinds is impossible. Different living kinds often have some ability for adjusting to changes in their environment, but this IS NOT EVOLUTION.]

3. From the professors, paragraph 4: “Although the language of the bill seems to advocate neutrality, the fact is that it opens the door for teachers, most of whom have little or no training in academic biblical studies, to impose their personal religious opinions about the Bible upon students.” [Norris opinion: 95% of our teachers are NOT ignorant. The Declaration of Independence declares, “. . . that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator . . .” and the Constitution of the United States concludes, “. . . in the Year of our Lord . . ..” DO the professors tell students that the word “good” we use today is a derivative of the word “God” in the Bible, reaching back over 4,000 years?

DO the professors tell the students that in spite of massive persecution, First Amendment Christianity that teaches God-centered cosmic order remains the largest (http://www.globalreligiousfutures.org/religions/christians) single religion in the world while God-rejecting atheist empires clutter the cemeteries of history?]

4. Professors’ seventh paragraph: “The fact is that biblical Christians throughout history have held widely divergent opinions . . ..” [Norris opinion: yes, Christians exercise the right to express differing opinions. This competition among believers is helpful. They have the benefit, however, of reliable moral standards—thou shall not steal or tell lies, the Golden Rule, the nuclear family and historical proofs. The radical religious studies professors are free to express their atheistic preferences in the newspaper, but have NO RIGHT to withhold from students the beneficial facts about American history.]

IT IS THE DUTY OF THE IOWA BOARD OF REGENTS to establish clearly defined rules for the university presidents in order to halt deviant humanist professor intimidation and control over another college department. Five suggestions: FIRST, when radicals seek to prevent “In God We Trust” type diversity, rightly chosen by a college, or impede tenure advancement of an employee sought by a college department, and radicals’ employment contracts prohibit them from being fired, as should happen. Their REBELLIOUS involvement should become a permanent part of their employment record. SECOND, when the promotion of a teacher candidate by any college department has been openly challenged by campus militants, the employee’s promotion sought by a college should then become automatic. THIRD, and VERY IMPORTANT, when the subject of religion comes up in any of the universities’ classrooms, students MUST have the opportunity to express their opinions without grade penalties. The Ames Public School Board RESTORED THIS First Amendment education right in 2017. FOURTH, the Regents should not approve any funding for humanities soft science projects, including new construction, until the Creation sciences have uncontested footing equal to that of the humanist evolution fabrication. FIFTH, the Grand Jury, mentioned earlier, noticed that President Parks’ spokesman for the Iowa State Lectures Committee shifted the blame for advocating DEVIANT sexual behavior by using the Regents’ mandate, “salient points of view.” If this has not already been done by the Regents, it is important to be specific about moral intent so that advocating deviant behavior is not an option.

The purpose of university education is freedom for competition of ideas between different college departments essential for critical reasoning by students. What we now have is tyranny against the moral fiber of our youth and nation.

It is important that many citizens express their concerns to the Iowa Board of Regents, 11260 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, Iowa 50322.

Justification for the Need of Legislators and Regents to Restore the
Competition of Creation Science to Taxpayer-funded Education

Basic American principles—“The Continental Congress of the [newly formed] United States on October 14, 1774, issued its Declaration of Rights stating that the colonists of the several states were entitled to the protections of the Common Law of England. People understood this as a reference to a legal tradition beginning five centuries earlier with the Magna Carta, whose moral authority was firmly grounded in Christianity.” In his essay the great English writer, G. K. Chesterton, continued, “America is the only nation in the world that is founded on a creed. That creed is set forth with dogmatic and even theological lucidity in the Declaration of Independence, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their ‘Creator’ with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ The starting point of the Declaration’s argument was faith in man’s ‘Creator,’ and is very similar to Apostle Paul’s historic proposition in his letter to the Romans: ‘Because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse, Romans 1:19-20.’” (Benjamin Hart, Faith & Freedom, The Lockman Foundation, 1973, pages 13-14).

Freedom of conscience and competition between the religions—Thomas Jefferson responded to the request from the Baptists in Danbury, Connecticut and others who wanted freedom for all religions, not just their own. The Jefferson ACT for establishing RELIGIOUS FREEDOM was passed by the Assembly of Virginia in 1780—Jefferson said, “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical.”

The Ten Commandments cover both worldviews—At Magna Carta time when the court system was being developed, the people clearly rejected the emotion-driven humanistic standards of kings and other authoritarians. The people insisted upon the Ten Commandments. The published wordings of the Commandments vary some; however, the intent is clear, and the reason for the deceptive removal of reliable moral law from education by radicals is also very clear. The first four Commandments reflect “In God We Trust,” the official motto of the United States of America. Beginning with Commandment #5 - Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long . . . which the LORD thy God giveth thee; #6 -Thou shalt not kill; #7 - Thou shalt not commit adultery; #8 -Thou shalt not steal; #9 - Thou shalt not bear false witness; #10 - Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant . . . nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s. Any violation of the Ten Commandments is a hindrance to life, which has been defined as sin.

Removal of the Commandments and Creation’s God from education by humanists and others that champion atheistic manifestos came from beyond American shores.

The most harmful deception thrust upon Americans—Atheistic “missionaries” have hidden the TRUTH about their collectivist power agenda from public awareness by changing the word “atheist” to the word “secular.” Americans had used the word “secular” to distinguish civil government from church government, and both were based upon the God-honoring morality which is helpful to families, churches and communities. In the absence of honest academic exposure to conflicting worldviews, our marvelous capacity for reasoning becomes functionless. Consequently, student exposure to the atheistic Darwinian monopoly associated with the word “secular” opened the door to countless evils. The perversion was engineered by proud persons who just do not want to know the truth. This tells us two things—moral truth is important, but being enlightened by the spirit of God through Christ, John 3:16, and being empowered to recognize the truth is more important. For clarity in this study, the word “atheistic” is used rather than “secular,” which is taught deceptively by atheistic authors and teachers.

Humanist atheistic control over what students are allowed to learn—The Ames (Iowa) Tribune, August 1, 1985, regarding President Robert Parks of Iowa State University, “Parks leads ISU for past 20 years.” Students in the humanities’ soft sciences—law, history, journalism, philosophy, sociology, religion, etc., were taught according to what President Parks called “new humanism,” described below. The student population in the soft sciences more than quadrupled in the 20 years. According to Parks, “In 1965, agriculture and engineering [hard sciences—agriculture, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, microbiology, etc.] were practically the only courses of study at Iowa State University.” When students are convinced to adopt atheistic humanism, their consciences being thusly defiled, it causes them to rely on emotional inclinations and abandon the life-extending power of their God-given consciences. Students need to be taught that the emotions associated with procreation, are properly shielded by the faithful marriage of one man and one woman for life.

Over two years after Dr. Parks became president of Iowa State University, quoting Iowa State Daily reporter, Lyn Jones, September 29, 1967—“Lecturer Dr. Albert Ellis . . . from New York City, three-day Advice on Sex and Selfhood Conference, at Iowa State University. When you had sex . . . it had to be the so-called _______ position. There are many healthy reasons for sex outside marriage. Get into sex action quickly so you don’t show up weary-eyed in class the next day.” This “new humanism” event reflects some of the President Parks education legacy. Obviously, the Regents do not approve of using taxpayers’ money to lecture students on the benefits of deviant sexual behavior. Atheistic humanists use of education is shocking. They appear to be challenging the Regents’ standards and tricking them by what evolutionary militants are actually teaching. The Regents should not be intimidated by claims that they would be hurting faculty morale in the soft sciences and several militant evolutionists might resign. Far better that the legislators and Regents restore academic freedom for competition from Creation science morality used by the hard sciences than having the minds of immature students continually defiled by moral pollution.

The observation of Will and Ariel Durant in their book, The Lessons of History, “A youth boiling with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he`s unchecked by custom, morals or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints if it is not to consume in chaos both the individual and the group.”

President Parks’ atheistic evolution monopoly for education was challenged by the Dean of Engineering at Iowa State University and two Creation science professors. Testimony from an Iowa State University graduate, now a successful engineer—“When a student, I attended a very popular Creation Science Seminar during the 1975-76 winter semester. The presenters, all on the hard science side of the campus, were Dr. David Boylan, Dean of Engineering, and two top professors, Dr. Melvin Swenson in Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Lloyd Quinn in Microbiology. We had a packed-out crowd in Carver Hall. The university administration, however, was very upset . . .. IN ORDER TO STOP THE COURSE, the administration changed the rules for seminars.”

Agriculture, engineering, chemistry, math, etc. on the three state university campuses comply with Creation science morality for truth, as they must, in order to verify repeatable scientific outcomes. Another description for Creation science is universal Creator-based cosmic order. Yet, the Creation Science Seminar, headed up by the Dean of Engineering and others at Iowa State University, WAS PROHIBITED by the President Parks’ administration. The hard sciences, such as agriculture, engineering and competitive athletics, have served Iowa in a spectacular way. When asked later, Dean Boylan said that the laws of physics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics render evolution impossible. Albert Einstein, a self-taught scientist, firmly believed in the universal Creator-based cosmic order. Thought to be the greatest scientist by far in history, his respect for Judeo-Christian based science enabled Einstein to provide the formula for using the small atom to power submarines and make the atomic bomb. When challenged by atheistic humanists, Einstein repeatedly declared, “I cannot believe that God plays dice with the Cosmos” (London Observer, April 5, 1964).

Tenure Denial Sparks Nationwide Debate—Quotations from an article by Heather Johnson, (Heather Johnson/Iowa State Daily Correspondent, May 17, 2007; updated 5/18/07 @ 12:34 a.m.):

Faculty in the three state universities in Iowa who believe the humanities colleges should include competition from Creation science, have no hope. When their basis for education is found to be Creator-based, they become the enemy of the humanist evolution monopoly. This includes opposing their promotion to professor TENURE protection status. Believers in Creation science competition either leave or quietly submit to atheistic evolution monopoly, and unsuspecting students self-destruct because of the absence of the benefits of moral clarity. The quotations below come from the Heather Johnson article.

“In 2005, there was a statement that was signed by more than 400 faculty members from Iowa State University [including self-proclaimed atheist, Hector Avalos], the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa stating that Intelligent Design [Creation science imitation] is outside the scope of science and ‘more appropriate to religious studies or philosophy.’”

“Guillermo Gonzalez, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, was denied tenure in April, raising questions about whether his application was denied because of his role as a highly publicized advocate of the contentious [Creation science] intelligent design theory.”

That statement by the “more than 400 faculty,” the three state universities, and the Iowa State University chain of command who supported the rejection of the Guillermo Gonzalez professorship, raises the question of their being in a state of intellectual denial because competition from Creation science is not just being prohibited in humanities’ “religious studies or philosophy” departments.

Gonzalez had written 68 scholarly articles and a large book for peer-reviewed scientific journals, including important work on the Galactic Habitable Zone concept. The Chronicle of Higher Education noted that he had, at the assistant professor level, “amassed a better publication record than almost any other member of the astronomy faculty,” according to Jeff Schloss on Counterbalance. Nevertheless, when Gonzalez came up for tenure approval in 2007 at Iowa State, he was denied tenure (https://www.chronicle.com/article/Intelligent-Design-vs-Tenure/26239).

Taxpayer concerns are that the minds of students are being impacted by untruth and the lives of immature students are being destroyed by moral pollution. No wonder that the rejection of tenure status for Guillermo Gonzalez sparked controversy around the nation. The Regents should not approve any funding for humanities’ soft science projects, including new construction, until traditional Creation Science has uncontested footing equal to that of the humanist evolution fabrication.

Evolution is not a modern theory at all, but is as old as human rebellion against the Creator. There are now four philosophies besides Darwin’s that tout a version of evolution. Templeton Prize winning author, Stanley L. Jaki, demonstrates matters of the history of pagan evolution (“Science: Western or What?” Intercollegiate Review, Vol. 26, Fall 1990, p. 8). Charles Darwin emphasized naturalist evolution which implies, “descent from a common ancestor with all of life related consisting of modified forms of very different things, such as a person descended from a fish.” Briefed here from an article by Dr. John Morris, founder of the Institute for Creation Research, “Evolution didn’t happen, random forces cannot account for life.” Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species, greatly offended Adam Sedgwick, one of his professors at Cambridge University. Sedgwick took issue with Darwin, “There is a moral or metaphysical part of nature as well as a physical . . ..” In other words, “In God We Trust,” along with the last six morality for TRUTH commandments, apply to both the hard and soft sciences which are subject to deception. Sedgwick continued, “It greatly shocked my moral taste.” Sedgwick elaborated in a passage that proved prophetic: “A man who denies this is deep in the mire of folly. ‘Tis the crown and glory of organic sciences that it does thro final cause, link material to MORAL [morality] . . .. If humanity broke this distinction it would suffer a damage that might brutalize it—and sink the human race into a lower grade of degradation than any into which it has fallen since its written records tell us of its history” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdamSedgwick).

Atheistic Darwinian humanism is a religion. The boldness of radical professors was displayed on the Ames Tribune Opinion page January 24, 2018. Professors from the three universities in Iowa, forcing atheistic humanism in the soft sciences, reject the fact that their religion, which is at war against families and Christian churches, is religious. Oregon Federal District Judge Ancer Haggerty ruled November 5, 2014 that the religious test of God-rejecting humanism is a religion, according to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The judge also cited a 1961 Supreme Court decision, Torcaso v. Watkins, which determined humanism to be a religion. Contrary to the radicals at the three universities, “. . . no religious test [such as evolutionary humanism] shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust.”

To be effective, the colleges (departments on a university campus) MUST have the freedom to promote their particular distinctives essential for critical thinking by students and university inclusiveness. If a college department in a university has no cosmic distinctives that deserve to be emphasized, it is time to close it down. The checkpoints for defining religion, such as atheistic humanism and “In God We Trust,” are their intense beliefs about the meaning, purpose and origin of life. The religious science of atheism requires a monopoly-based education in order to succeed. That is exactly what Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto, demanded.

Darwinian evolution for human origins greatly impressed his friend, Karl Marx, who coupled evolution with the Communist promise of a utopia. It is no surprise that this promise was adopted by God-pretender professors in universities. “Alarming . . . is the ease with which some major educational institutions have been duped, under the much-abused term of academic freedom, into permitting underhanded attacks to be made by instructors responsible for the higher education of our young people. When academic freedom fails to recognize the importance of truth as a basic requirement for college classrooms lectures and discussions, then the usefulness of our colleges and universities are a thing of the past” (Christian Economics, J. Edgar Hoover, October 31, 1961).

A retired neighbor, who had been Superintendent of the Ames Public Schools, and I shared some of our experiences and enjoyed many laughs on occasion in my home in Ames. He was an excellent Superintendent. We had corresponded by mail during his tenure. He asked my opinion of Karl Marx, whom he definitely rejected, but had been introduced to favorably as a law student by professors. Radical teachers do not tell students the truth. Karl Marx was a “master of deceit” (from the book, Masters of Deceit, by J. Edgar Hoover, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and whose name was given to the FBI Building in Washington, D.C.).

Karl Marx vehemently opposed any property ownership rights of the people. In his Manifesto of the Communist Party, “You must, therefore, confess that by ‘individual’ you mean no other person . . . than the middle-class owner of property. This person must indeed be swept out of the way and made impossible” (published by Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1973 edition, p. 66). It is estimated that over 45 million people who rejected Communist socialism in Russia were killed.

Judge Robert Bork observed that the courts, and especially the Supreme Court [liberal attorney judge majorities], have become “the enemy of traditional culture,” in areas including “speech, religion, abortion, sexuality, welfare, public education and much else.” He continued, “It is not too much to say that the suffocating vulgarity of popular culture is in large measure the work of the Court” (Jeffrey Rosen, “Obstruction of Judges,” The New York Times, August 11, 2002).

It is easy to trace God-pretender professors’ adoption of Darwin’s atheistic theory when attached by Karl Marx’s promise of a Communist utopia. Interestingly, the Soviet Union, collapsed in just 70 years. Quoting J. Edgar Hoover, “The never-ending struggle of Communist [missionaries] to capture the minds and loyalty of American youth goes on incessantly. They have openly lectured to student groups at colleges and universities throughout the country. Alarming too is the ease with which some major educational institutions have been duped under the much abused term of academic freedom, into permitting underhanded attacks to be made by instructors responsible for the higher education of our young people. When academic freedom fails to recognize the importance of truth as a basic requirement for college classrooms lectures and discussions, then the usefulness of our colleges and universities are a thing of the past” (Christian Economics, J. Edgar Hoover, October 31, 1961).

Some evolutionary utopian education outcomes—Since 1963, births by unwed teen girls are up some 400%, violent crime is up 560%, divorce has impacted over half of the marriages, and education costs in billions of dollars (constant 1990 dollars) are up some 207.6%, while SAT scores are down some 80 points. In 1973, humanist lawyers on the Supreme Court upheld Roe v. Wade, which parallels an ancient heathen practice of appeasement to the gods of fertility. Since that decision, some 60 million babies have been aborted. The National Health and Nutrition Survey (Lawrence K. Altman, International Herald Tribune, March 12, 2008) finds that “one in four U.S. teenage girls have STDs, U.S. health officials reported Tuesday.”

When prohibiting the popular Creation Science Seminars at Iowa State, the President Parks’ administration did not eliminate classroom pornography, the pre-marital sex option and abortion. Nor did the administration allow students to drop needless courses and take career-related studies instead. Iowa Attorney General Richard Turner, Ames Tribune, May 15, 1970, spoke of the rebellion at the three Iowa universities as “serious felonies and may even amount to treason.” Former Regent Marvin Pomerantz, referred to later in this article, was RIGHT. If Regents have been told that approving building expenditures is their primary function, they have been tragically misled. Presidents of the state universities are accountable to the public in the citizens’ chain of command, and delegating part of that authority to a radical subordinate who did the dirty work in totally inconsistent.

The alleged Darwinian Marxist American Association of University Professors’ (AAUP) version of academic freedom and tenure, which enables radicals to reject the public standards for what is taught, is not a legal concept (Google: Marxism in American Universities). The leftists ideologues placed the University of Iowa on its “ignominious [shameful] list of sanctioned higher education institutions” (Ames Tribune, June 19, 2018). Because the Iowa Board of Regents REFUSED to give radical professors at the University of Iowa veto authority when selecting Bruce Harreld to be the new president, the Regents established a legacy of courage, duty and integrity.

Atheistic Darwinian humanists in education continue to war against Christian churches and education that include the foundational values of American governing Charters. In 2017, a Christian students’ club at the University of Iowa had to go to court to regain the right, blocked by radical professors, to uphold Christian standards for their club. God did not give the Ten Commandments to enslave us; they were provided to enrich mankind with freedom and the power for self-rule. The Biblical Commandments are the reliable moral checkpoints for clearing one’s mind from the distraction of selfishness and identifying the evil deception by radicals. The Iowa Constitution: “We, the People of the State of Iowa, grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of those blessings, do ordain and establish a free and independent government, by the name of the STATE OF IOWA.” Article IX, Section 3: “The General Assembly shall encourage by all suitable means the INTELLECTUAL, SCIENTIFIC, MORAL AND AGRICULTURAL IMPROVEMENT.” Historians do not all agree, but nations that reject “In God We Trust” for morality tend to disintegrate within two generations.

As outlined at the beginning of this publication, it is the duty of the Iowa Board of Regents to establish clearly defined rules for the university presidents that will bring to a halt humanist professor intimidation for control over another college department. The only alternative is for the STATE LEGISLATURE to shift funding from the soft science side to the hard science side of the state universities in Iowa.

The truth is conclusive. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, it is still there. The purpose of university education is freedom for competition of ideas among different college departments in search of truth and to challenge critical thinking among students. What we now have is tyranny against the moral fiber of our youth and nation. It is important that citizens, especially parents and education taxpayers, express their concerns to the Iowa Board of Regents, 11260 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, Iowa 50322.



David A. Norris, President
Heartland Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 444, Ames, Iowa 50010

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