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Life principles that endure in a changing world--
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What you will find...

The Best for Life

Emotions, Relationships & Prayer

Spiritual Woundedness

Taming Our Emotions

How to Listen to God

Helping the Wounded

Factors Affecting Emotions

The Most Powerful Force

Joseph the Overcomer

Deliver Me From All My Fears

Our Soul, the Personality of Man

Success [Sequence]

Bonus book..."For The Family"

Who's Who in the Home

Parent/Child Relationships

Straight Thinking in Analysis

The Citizens' Report

Public Education Today

American Principles

Readers' Response...

As a chaplain I look forward to using LASTING SUCCESS as a teaching text with its emphasis on the moral component of leadership.
- Chaplain Thomas D. Bauder, Lt. Col. CAP

Finally...a single-volume collection of life action basics which includes the all-important matter of decision-making and emotions.
- Lois Magee, M.Ed., Career Teacher

This is a valuable book...
- John Stormer, Pastor, Educator, Author and Legislators' Chaplain

David Norris presents a universally consistent and dependable worldview. It works because it is based upon the truth of God's Word.
- Dr. James D. Fields, Pastor, School Administrator, Chairman Evangelical Methodist

Perhaps the first book of its kind, David Norris brings into focus the impact that emotion-driven decisions have on relationships and success. It has changed our approach to ministry and counseling.
- Mark and Denise Nelsen, Missionaries to France

LASTING SUCCESS provides guidelines for making decisions and then deals with the problems of woundedness of mind and spirit. I heartily recommend this book.
- Ralph W. Hayes, Post Graduate Studies in the Humanities, Doctorate in Education,
   Professor of Education at Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater, Florida

Unsolicited comments about Lasting Success:

...authoritative presentation of American principles.
- United States Senator

...needless to day, I couldn't wrest myself away from it...
- Homemaker

...[It] has been received so well. Registrations for the class using this book are up for the third time.
- Bible Seminary

My compliments to the author.
- Family ministry leader

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Wife of Charlton Heston